Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have a mobile number. Can I still register?
No. Mobile number is mandatory for us to register you as we send important account information (password, verification info) to your mobile number. Also, when you send SMS through, your registered mobile number is shown to the recipient - so that he/she may know who is sending the SMS.
I did not receive my password after registration, what should I do?
Usually, you should receive your password in under a minute, however, due to technical issues, it may sometime take longer. In case you did not receive your password, you can send PWD to 09212211511
I forgot my password, what do I do?
You can do either of these two things to retrieve your password - go to and click on 'forgot password' and enter the required details OR just sms PWD to 09212211511 to retrieve your password on your mobile.
How many SMS can I send in a day?
As of now, there are no limits on the number of SMS that you can send via - so go ahead, send as many sms as you want to!
How many SMS can I send in one go?
Through the mobile number box, where you need to enter the mobile numbers, you can send SMS to 1 person in one go. You may also want to create groups for better management of your contacts.
What is this SMS backup and how do I use it?
SMS backup is a new feature of that allows you to keep a copy of your important SMS that are stored in your mobile. This way, even if you need to change mobile or delete SMS (to clean your inbox), a copy of it remains under your account on To backup your sms, simply forward it to 09212211511 (we strongly suggest that you save this number on your phone book) When you login into your account on , you will find all your saved SMS under the 'SMS Backup' link on top navigation bar.
I sent SMS through but my friends have not received it. Why?
Well, this is a tough one. Sometimes the delivery of SMS gets delayed slightly making the users feel that the SMS is not delivered; It may also be the case that the person you are sending the SMS to has blocked the SMS from please ensure these are not the cases. However, sometimes something goes wrong and sms may not be delivered. The reasons for SMS not being delivered are many - mobile network errors, Inbox of the recipient is full are some common reasons amongst others. We request you to kindly try after some time. In case you are experiencing this often, kindly mail us as much details about this as possible to
Can I also schedule SMS so that they are delivered later?
Yes, you can schedule SMS for future delivery through - to do this, just click on 'Send Free SMS Later' option under 'Send SMS' on the top navigation bar. You can specify the date & time when you want the SMS to be sent. What's more, in case you feel that you need to make some changes to your scheduled SMS, you can edit (or delete) by going to 'Send Free SMS Later' and clicking on 'edit' under 'PENDING ALERTS' - of course you can only edit the schedules that have not been processed yet!
How many contacts can I upload and also can I upload multiple contacts?
You can upload unlimited contacts in your fullonsms account. You can also upload multiple contacts through an .xls file. Just make sure that the .xls file is in the format as shown in the sample file.
How many contacts can I add in a group?
You can add upto 15 contacts in a group on
How many groups can I create?
You can create unlimited groups in
Is there any difference between delivery times of Single SMS & Group SMS?
Yes, we give higher importance to Single SMS over Group SMS. This is done so that the service is not affected for users sending single, important SMS. Hence, if you are sending an important SMS, we strongly recommend sending it as a single SMS. Group messages may slightly be delayed. However, if you want to send SMS to multiple people and are ok with slight delay, then use our groups SMS feature.
Where are 'settings', 'profile' & 'logout' options?
These options are accessible under the ? icon located at the top left of your page at - For security of your account, we strongly recommend that you log-out once you are done with your work at
I need to change my password - how do I do that?
Just login using your existing mobile number and password. Go to 'My Settings' and enter your existing password (old) and your desired new password (under new password & re-enter password). Click on 'Save Password' & your password would be changed.
How do I change my mobile number ?
To change your mobile number, just login to your account, go to 'My Settings' and enter your new number under change mobile number. You would be asked to enter your old (existing) mobile number and the new mobile number. Once you submit these, a verification code would be sent to your new mobile number which you would need to enter. Once you enter the correct verification code, your mobile number has changed!
I want to delete all my account details. How can I do that?
Please note that this is an irreversible process, i.e. once you delete your account details, we will not be able to recover it under any circumstances. That said, here is how to delete your account. Log-in using your credentials (Mobile no, password), go to 'My Settings' and click on the link that says 'Close account and delete all services and info associated with it'
Again, please remember that this can not be undone.
I do not want to receive sms from some people (mobile numbers) through - can I do that?
Yes. To block certain number(s) form sending you SMS through , click on 'Block/Unblock' link on the top navigation bar and enter the mobile number(s) that you do not wish to receive the SMS from.
I do not want to receive any SMS from How can I do that?
To do this, click on the link at the bottom of page that says 'Block my number' and enter your mobile number. You would be sent a verification code on your mobile number. Upon successfully entering the verification code sent to you, you would never be sent any SMS from In future, if you decide to receive SMS from , you would need to click on link at the bottom of the page that says 'Unblock my number' and enter your number.
Still have some questions? Mail us at & we would try answering as soon as we can.

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